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Although online gambling is legal, there is not a free for all for prospective providers. The industry is tightly regulated, and there is limited space for online gambling companies, and this regulation ensures that the proliferation of online casinos cannot expand beyond what can be controlled by government agencies. Nevertheless there are always worries around the issue of online gambling. One concern is that nobody can be sure whether or not a child is posing as an adult and gambling online. Clearly children have no business gambling online, but the nature of the medium means it can be difficult to know if they are. Similarly, online gambling can facilitate the participation of people with mental disabilities, and it is clearly unfair for a person with incomplete reasoning abilities to lose their money to an online gambling company. People who speak out against online gambling are vociferous about such concerns and hope that such matters be can taken into account and legislated for as online gambling becomes more ubiquitous and popular.

Governments the world over are however now reaping the benefits of allowing online gambling, with it proving to be a very profitable revenue stream. Online gambling has taken off in many countries around the world and for better or for worse it is a profitable and growing industry. Responsible gambling is hard to enforce, however, and remains a matter of personal responsibility.

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